The Public Speaking Season is with us!

The wedding season is in full swing and, all over the country, there are normally confident, engaging, witty, reliable and articulate people who are losing sleep over their responsibility of being “best man” (or indeed, person) and the bit of public speaking associated with the role!

Speaking in public can be daunting. That is why there are rafts of books, articles and, indeed, a whole industry (like my own) geared up to advise and coach people to do it well and, importantly, memorably!

Fear of making a fool of ourselves, forgetting our lines, being heckled, inadvertently being “inappropriate” or just letting ourselves or our supporters down, are just some of the reasons for those sleepless nights!

At work, the same fears can exist!

From CEOs, giving keynote speeches, to supervisors giving clear direction for the days’ activity, speaking in public is a requisite of daily work life.

If your message is clear and the people “buy-in”, careers can be enhanced and reputations consolidated.

If the opposite is the case, we can lose the “dressing room” all too easily.

Some simple guidelines and tips and opportunity to practice in a safe, fun environment can make all the difference between successful public speaking or otherwise.

Remembering this one key point is just a starter for 10:

Your audience WANT you to do well…..

If you would like to develop your skills, or those of some of your key people in the business, then contact me for details on how some simple half day intervention may assist in communicating effectively when speaking publicly.

M: 07711 047 619

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