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Sales Training for EVERYONE?   Everyone in your business is a salesperson – however,  not everyone has the benefit of sales training! When bank employees were asked to sell additional products back in the 1990s, they were given targets but no training as to how to sell…this ultimately ended in the PPI scandal and cost[…]

Management Training Newcastle

Management Training delivered from Experience (not a text book) Nick Gilroy owns and operates Sail Away Coaching Limited, a professional business & consultancy providing Management & Leadership Coaching, Marketing advice & strategies and a bespoke suite of Sales Training modules. Having spent all his career in Sales and Management, notably with Curry’s, Yorkshire Bank and[…]

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Half Day Business Courses from £250 for up to 5 People

Half Day Business Courses with FULL Impact! Half Day sessions at just £250 for up to 5 people   Award Winning International Executive Sales & Management Development Coach providing inspirational coaching for aspirational people and businesses…. usually in half day sessions! I have worked across the world with companies in Belize, Guyana, Trinidad, Finland and[…]


Everyone in your business is a salesperson – How much training have you given them?

Sales training for non-sales people Those employees with the word “Sales” on their business-card can reasonably expect to be supported with on-going coaching and training as to how to sharpen-their-knife and become even better when flexing their sales skills. However, the reality is that every single person, from receptionist (if fact, ESPECIALLY Receptionist!) to the[…]

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Sales Courses in Newcastle Upon Tyne

The Local Sales Training Experts Sales training is an integral part of business life. It is NOT the preserve of people with the word “sales” written on their business card! Influencing skills are vital for all your face to face people – their is nothing “salesy” in providing a relevant solution for your client. There[…]

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Sales Training Newcastle

We are based in  Newcastle upon Tyne. We train sales and non-sales people to sell more stuff. We have over 30 years experience. We are very good at what we do. We will deliver an excellent return-on-investment, help with staff retention and make customers more money. We like short sentences…. Click for more: Call us.[…]

Sales Training for Non-Sales people

Do you class yourself as a sales person? Y/N Does the word “sales” feature on your business card? Y/N Here’s the thing, regardless of your title or sector of work you inhabit, you DO sell something. Sales skills training has been the reserve of “people in sales” for too long. All people at work need[…]