Sales Training Courses in Newcastle

Being persuasive matters… A basic understanding of how people like to buy is a key attribute of all people in all businesses. Face it, we all sell something. A product, a service or even ideas to fellow members of our teams or our employees. The phrase “what’s in it for me” is like a red-thread[…]

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Sales training Courses Newcastle

The Local Sales Training Experts Sales training is an integral part of business life. It is NOT the preserve of people with the word “sales” written on their business card! Influencing skills are vital for all your face to face people – their is nothing “salesy” in providing a relevant solution for your client. There[…]

Sales Coaching for Law Firms

In an increasingly competitive environment for law firms, the ability to cross-sell your services is a vital skill for you and your  team to demonstrate. Clients REQUIRE your firm to provide them, wherever possible, a “one-stop-shop” where all matters can be addressed with their trusted provider. Law firms are usually populated by academically highly qualified[…]