Time Management Half Day workshop – Newcastle

ALLOCATE HALF A DAY TO IMPROVE YOUR EFFECTIVENESS & EFFICIENCY Do you or members of your team procrastinate? Is your “To-Do” list LONGER at the end of the day? Do you suffer from constant interruptions? Do you work silly hours that impact your personal life? It doesn’t have to be this way… This half day[…]


Time Management in Newcastle

HALF DAY TIME MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP IN GOSFORTH… Invest in a half a day of coaching and discussion around Time Management for you and/or your people; you will see a great return on your investment immediately… By the end of the session, you will be better able to prioritise what is urgent and/or important or, critically,[…]


Sales Training Courses in Newcastle

Being persuasive matters… A basic understanding of how people like to buy is a key attribute of all people in all businesses. Face it, we all sell something. A product, a service or even ideas to fellow members of our teams or our employees. The phrase “what’s in it for me” is like a red-thread[…]


Sales Training in Newcastle

Sales Training for EVERYONE?   Everyone in your business is a salesperson – however,  not everyone has the benefit of sales training! When bank employees were asked to sell additional products back in the 1990s, they were given targets but no training as to how to sell…this ultimately ended in the PPI scandal and cost[…]

Management Training Newcastle

Management Training delivered from Experience (not a text book) Nick Gilroy owns and operates Sail Away Coaching Limited, a professional business & consultancy providing Management & Leadership Coaching, Marketing advice & strategies and a bespoke suite of Sales Training modules. Having spent all his career in Sales and Management, notably with Curry’s, Yorkshire Bank and[…]

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Half Day Business Courses from £250 for up to 5 People

Half Day Business Courses with FULL Impact! Half Day sessions at just £250 for up to 5 people   Award Winning International Executive Sales & Management Development Coach providing inspirational coaching for aspirational people and businesses…. usually in half day sessions! I have worked across the world with companies in Belize, Guyana, Trinidad, Finland and[…]

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Make & Save more money

Make more money for your business! Sail Away Coaching Limited was set up to help companies make more money. We believe in developing your existing team to be as good as they can possibly be. We believe that no-one comes to work to deliberately fail but that they may need some guidance on how to[…]

Presentation Skills Training Day – Newcastle Upon Tyne

On February 23rd, we are holding a one day event in Newcastle (with free parking) to talk about, practice and demonstrate what effective Presentation Skills can do for you and your business (e.g. Make you more money…). If you or your team are involved in face to face selling, giving presentations, attending exhibitions, media appearances[…]

Nick Gilroy giving memorable presentation

Presentation Skills Newcastle

If you are naturally comfortable “on your feet”, then the thought of delivering a presentation, speech or training session may come as second nature. Internally, when working with our colleagues and friends, the “fear factor” is diminished to a certain extent for those who are not “naturals”. However, the opportunities for getting it right  when[…]

National & International Sales Coach

Nick Gilroy – Business Coach Nick is a multi-award winning Sales Coach & Management Trainer who has been successful in Sales & Sales Management for over 30 years. As a retail manager with a leading high street chain, his stores achieved Branch of the Year status as a result of first class staff development and[…]

Wonderful Feedback!

Letter of Recommendation To whom It May Concern Nick Gilroy On October 2016 I hired Mr. Nick Gilroy to help me establish FirstView in UK markets. It was a huge task to enter new market, where fierce competition already existed. We were able successfully build a network of FirstView resellers and partners within one year.[…]

Performance Management Newcastle

Managing performance at work has never been so critical. Productivity improvement, coupled with the need to engage your people in common business goals has always been a key challenge. As a hugely experienced “manager of people & performance”, I can take the “burden” of performance management away from business owners and engage with your team[…]

Productivity…a very topical Buzzword!

Getting more from our people without reducing the quality of the output or over-burdening them has become a key focus in post-Brexit Britain. Interruptions, distractions, lack of expectation-setting, demotivated staff and poor standards of performance management are some (but not all) obvious reasons why we all fail to deliver on this key performance indicator. The[…]

10 Quick ways (among countless others!) to boost sales!

Not an exhaustive list… I don’t claim to be a world authority on all sectors of business. However, I do claim to know about how to focus people on short-term goals and how to remind people of things they have done before that have worked to produce a quick upturn in sales (regardless of sector!)[…]

Why do managers ramp up the pressure during lean times? And what happens then?

We have all, to a greater or lesser extent, had some hard times over recent years? Whether employed or self-employed, in the UK we have had to strive to get more in less time, sell more to more customers, work harder to retain customers and, all the time, demonstrate our ability to hit notional or[…]