Supportive Coaching for new Managers

Don’t assume they will be “naturals”…

When people are promoted from within organisations, it is very often because they have been outstanding in their previous role.

Having proved that they are reliable, conscientious, enthusiastic, determined, personable and great at their job, there is often an assumption that they will make a great manager of people.

And they get left alone….

Managing people is a skill that requires learning. Support needs to be provided as they grow into a role that presents new and difficult challenges, regardless of how good a person was in their previous role!

I have seen too many great people end up hating a managerial role, or worse, leaving an organisation due to lack of coaching and training on how to be a great manager of people.

The costs of training your new managers are ALWAYS significantly less than the costs of recruiting, or worse, allowing the new manager to continue in their role unaided!

Management training in Newcastle is well serviced…

Sail Away Coaching will work with your potential or new managers to become comfortable in “being a manager”.

It is different being a manger…new outlooks and new skills are required.

Never assume that people are “naturals”….

Support your best people with management training!

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