Sales Training in Newcastle

Unlock the potential in ALL of your Team

Sales training courses tend to be reserved for people with the word “sales” written on their business card; Sales Executive, Sales Representative, Sales Manager, Sales Consultant etc.

Sail Away Coaching respectfully suggest that each and every one of your team, be you in retail, professional services, industry, trades, hospitality etc., are ALL potential sales people.

They ALL have the reputation and image of your business in their hands. Anyone who speaks with a client, face to face or on the phone or even by email, have the opportunity to “sell your business”.

Sales training courses for non-sales people are vital.

We don’t want everyone to be “salesy”. However, we do want everyone to take advantage of cross-sell and updell opportunities when they present themselves.

We offer half day training courses for sales AND non-sales people across all sectors of business.

We deliver fun and engaging sessions to get everyone in YOUR business thinking about how to get your clients and customers to spend more and buy more services from you.

There are NO “hard sell” tactics trained by Sail Away Coaching!

We believe that everyone loves to buy stuff but everyone HATES being “sold-to”.

What we train is conversational and consultative selling techniques that assist people to buy the products and services that match the needs of the client/customer.

Contact Nick Gilroy to arrange a free, one hour training needs consultation – no obligation, just a cuppa and a chat to see if we can work together to make your business more money?

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