Do you QUIVER at the thought of Public Speaking?

Mr worry

Whether speaking in public for professional or personal reasons, many articulate, confident, talented and witty people can go to pieces when asked to present to an audience.

Natural and engaging public speakers, be it the CEO of a company or the best man at a wedding, seem to have an easy, self confident and interesting style. Some people just seem to have been born to speak in public!

Others are a bag of nerves who instil fear into their audience who are, metaphorically (and sometimes actually) looking through the gaps in their fingers as they wait for the first “gaffe”!

When I was first given some coaching on how, from the outset, to win-over and engage with an audience, I was surprised by the very first tip I was given:

“The audience WANT you to succeed; they are on your side and they want your “speech” to educate, uplift and entertain”.

I was also shown how to structure a speech; how to make it memorable; how to emphasise key points with body language gestures; how to lower and raise the tone of my voice (to provide texture) and to slow down or to speed up to reflect the content of key parts of the message.

I was told to ditch the jargon; leave out “irritators” or “softeners”; I was told to use, at all time appropriate language (no swearing, Nicholas!”) and so on and so forth….

However, understanding that my audience, in all cases, want me to be “good” was the key piece of advice I needed.

Talking to and amongst friends, we are all relaxed and natural? Viewing any audience as “supporters” will steady the nerves better than any alcoholic stimulant (Best Men take note!).

It’s a simple “glass-half-full” approach to public speaking that can be taught and practised for huge improvement.

If you’d like to talk to me more about improving your own style, delivery, structure and more about how to overcome nerves when speaking in public then, please, give me a call or drop me a line.

Take the first step to making you and your messages more memorable to professional or private audiences.

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