Presentation Skills Courses Newcastle upon Tyne

If you are naturally comfortable “on your feet”, then the thought of delivering a presentation, speech or training session may come as second nature.

Internally, when working with our colleagues and friends, the “fear factor” is diminished to a certain extent for those who are not “naturals”.

However, the opportunities for getting it right  when working externally, in front of potential clients, competitors or “nay-sayers” are too precious to waste?

Our sessions on delivering powerful and MEMORABLE presentations will make everyone who has opportunity to positively influence an audience will explain about and, indeed, allow some practice on the following vital-few of presenting:

  • Have a Clear Understanding of how to Structure a Great & MEMORABLE Presentation.
  • Understand and use Gravitas when Presenting.
  • Understand the Importance of Planning Prior to the Presentation.
  • Be able to build an Effectively Memorable Presentation around Structure, Content & Environment.
  • Be able to use a Range of Tools for an Engaging Delivery of any Message.
  • Appreciate the value of Story Telling and of using Word Pictures.
  • Clearly appreciate how Your Image and Body Language impact on Your Message.
  • Be able to hold an effective Question & Answer session and use Appropriate Follow-up Tools.
  • Have delivered a Presentation with Impact to the Group.

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Presenting to new audiences can be daunting but is a vital aspect of business-life – done well, they will enable you to acquire new and more clients.

Done badly…..?

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