Newcastle based sales training

The Newcastle-based Sales Training Experts

Sales training is an integral part of business life. It is NOT the preserve of people with the word “sales” written on their business card!

Influencing skills are vital for all your face to face people – their is nothing “salesy” in providing a relevant solution for your client. There is something very “salesy” when an irrelevant “solution” is forced upon a business conversation.

All your clients/customers love to buy. However, all your customers/clients HATE being sold-to.

Sail Away Coaching provide your business with coaching & training that will highlight the benefits of conversational influencing skills based purely on what your customers/clients NEED.

In order to find out what they need, then a conversational (not interrogational) need-find MUST happen first.

In order to get into that conversation, your business needs to have credibility, approachable people, compelling products/services and some joined up reasons (relevance) as to why your are the best choice.

Investing in your people with the provision of conversational sales training is one part of your jigsaw puzzle.

We may be one of the critical corner-pieces that make that puzzle come together!

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