Harness the (free) Powers of LinkedIn

Make connections and more money from LinkedIn!

A huge percentage of professionals are on LinkedIn; a very small percentage of professionals benefit from being on there…
If we compare LinkedIn to a networking event, it would be a waste of time to attend if you never intend to speak with anyone there?

LinkedIn can provide great new contacts & relationships and, eventually, great sales opportunities…if you put in the effort!

This HALF DAY seminar will show you the three key steps to creating those “ready-to-buy” sales opportunities – with just 15 minutes input per day from yourself.

You will leave with page of A4 in bullet point format. Simple approaches that WILL work for your business!

This will act as your complete reference guide so, from the very next work day, you can begin harnessing the real power of the world’s largest professional networking site.

Call or Email Nick to arrange an on-site session at your business

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