Everyone in your business is a salesperson – How much training have you given them?

Sales training for non-sales people

Those employees with the word “Sales” on their business-card can reasonably expect to be supported with on-going coaching and training as to how to sharpen-their-knife and become even better when flexing their sales skills.

However, the reality is that every single person, from receptionist (if fact, ESPECIALLY Receptionist!) to the Managing Director, represents you business in a way that we hope will enable us to sell more?

Am I wrong?

And yet, sales skills training is hardly ever given to non-sales people??!!

Sail Away Coaching have specific , fun, engaging training modules designed for non-sales people which will give them the credit and the support they deserve to do their jobs even better!

Take a leap and dare to think bigger…get your non-sales people trained in the skills of selling more stuff to more people!