Sales Training Courses in Newcastle

Being persuasive matters… A basic understanding of how people like to buy is a key attribute of all people in all businesses. Face it, we all sell something. A product, a service or even ideas to fellow members of our teams or our employees. The phrase “what’s in it for me” is like a red-thread[…]


Sales Training in Newcastle

Sales Training for EVERYONE?   Everyone in your business is a salesperson – however,  not everyone has the benefit of sales training! When bank employees were asked to sell additional products back in the 1990s, they were given targets but no training as to how to sell…this ultimately ended in the PPI scandal and cost[…]


Harness the (free) Powers of LinkedIn

Make connections and more money from LinkedIn! A huge percentage of professionals are on LinkedIn; a very small percentage of professionals benefit from being on there… If we compare LinkedIn to a networking event, it would be a waste of time to attend if you never intend to speak with anyone there? LinkedIn can provide[…]

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Sales Training in Newcastle

Unlock the potential in ALL of your Team Sales training courses tend to be reserved for people with the word “sales” written on their business card; Sales Executive, Sales Representative, Sales Manager, Sales Consultant etc. Sail Away Coaching respectfully suggest that each and every one of your team, be you in retail, professional services, industry,[…]

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Everyone in your business is a Salesperson!

Everyone in your business is a Salesperson! Sales training is an integral part of business life. It is NOT the preserve of people with the word “sales” written on their business card! Influencing skills are vital for all your face to face people – their is nothing “salesy” in providing a relevant solution for your[…]

Sales Coaching for Law Firms

In an increasingly competitive environment for law firms, the ability to cross-sell your services is a vital skill for you and your  team to demonstrate. Clients REQUIRE your firm to provide them, wherever possible, a “one-stop-shop” where all matters can be addressed with their trusted provider. Law firms are usually populated by academically highly qualified[…]

10 Quick ways (among countless others!) to boost sales!

Not an exhaustive list… I don’t claim to be a world authority on all sectors of business. However, I do claim to know about how to focus people on short-term goals and how to remind people of things they have done before that have worked to produce a quick upturn in sales (regardless of sector!)[…]


Sales Training in Newcastle upon Tyne

From basic selling skills right through to executive level sales coaching and refresher modules, Sail Away Coaching have a sales training intervention that is suitable for you and your business. Recently we have been working one to one with the CEO of a charity, influencing attitudes to “cross selling” in a law firm, perfecting an[…]

Increase sales through Sail away Coaching

Why do people choose to leave businesses?

They say that people don’t leave a business, they leave their manager! I completely agree. Well motivated, well developed and well respected team members are always likely to stick around and grow WITH a business. (Common sense!?). Our Management Training modules and courses are designed for YOUR business and YOUR current and future managers in[…]

5 Qualities of Great Managers of People

There are very few words in the English language that don’t include a vowel. Vowels are the red-thread across the lexicon; when, occasionally, we see a word that does not include a vowel, it stands out like a sore thumb (great marketing tip, by the way!)! It looks at odds with its playmates; it looks[…]

Take your Team with you by making sure they understand!

You may be aware of the old adage that when you point the finger of blame at someone, there are usually three fingers point back at you?! One of the most common management mistakes that I see is poor communication. I see and hear managers of people believing that they have “trained” someone how to[…]

The Power of “We”!!

The sporting success story of the year just has to be the achievements of Leicester City?! Time and again, especially earlier in the season, pundits were forecasting that their bubble would burst; that they should enjoy their success while they can; that they will be found out by the bigger, richer and historically successful clubs![…]

Does Management Training work?

Blimey! What a question! Especially coming from a management trainer! When I first became a Manager-of-People, promoted before my time and distinctly moist behind the ears, I depended on my own view of what a good manager looked and sounded like. The company I was with gave me a “free-hand” in my own “development” –[…]

What do we mean by “Word of mouth”?

We all say that this is the best form of advertising? Some even say that it’s FREE advertising…although I challenge that view…it certainly is the most cost effective advertising! My question to you is how do you get more and more of your client base to pass on your details on the back of a[…]