Why do managers ramp up the pressure during lean times? And what happens then?

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We have all, to a greater or lesser extent, had some hard times over recent years?

Whether employed or self-employed, in the UK we have had to strive to get more in less time, sell more to more customers, work harder to retain customers and, all the time, demonstrate our ability to hit notional or real targets.

And it’s tough.

Too often, however, I have seen too much pressure applied to too many people, regardless of sector, WITHOUT any accompanying plan or additional training/coaching.

Just asking for more is not a plan to achieve.

Many managers, successful during more buoyant times, expect their staff to be able to adapt to new trading conditions and do not fully appreciate the differences that now exist.

To be fair, the managers, themselves, are often given more challenging targets without similar support – just a ramping-up of expectation without being consulted or asked how the organisation can assist.

Very often, therefore, the pressure “trickles down”. Good people become disillusioned, or worse, leave the business. There is nothing more demotivating than being set up to fail….

Performance management training, (proper) delegation skills and setting SMART objectives are all valuable tools to engage, motivate and build team ethos for achieving higher and more challenging targets.

Simply rewriting targets to take an unfair share of a diminishing pot is NOT the way.

Sail Away Coaching Ltd offer lots of bespoke and “off the shelf” interventions that will assist in gaining buy-in and agreement to achieve more stretching goals.

A free initial consultation will uncover what may be useful for your business.

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