24th February 2015

About Nick Gilroy



Nick Gilroy

Nick has been in Sales and Management for 30 years and has been Nationally recognised for outstanding success in each role he has held.

Passionate and professional, his workshops and coaching interventions will motivate and uplift all members of your team; Management & Staff alike.

Nick has worked across the world (literally!) delivering sales training modules that add value and, put simply, work.

Based on the fact that: “We all love to buy but HATE being sold-to”, the sales approach that Nick has developed allows your customers to buy in a way that makes them feel good about their transactions. A process that is based on logic and NOT obligation. An approach that yields more referrals and recommendations and so saves money on advertising and marketing!

One hour with Nick will help you to see how he will add value to your business. So he offers the first hour free of charge. One hour to discuss your current sales training and your goals and deliver a recommendations as to how he is able to help you achieve more.

Book your free consultation today: M: 07711 047 619