10 Quick ways (among countless others!) to boost sales!

Not an exhaustive list… I don’t claim to be a world authority on all sectors of business. However, I do claim to know about how to focus people on short-term goals and how to remind people of things they have done before that have worked to produce a quick upturn in sales (regardless of sector!)[…]

Why do managers ramp up the pressure during lean times? And what happens then?

We have all, to a greater or lesser extent, had some hard times over recent years? Whether employed or self-employed, in the UK we have had to strive to get more in less time, sell more to more customers, work harder to retain customers and, all the time, demonstrate our ability to hit notional or[…]

Best sellers

Digital Signage: Part of your Digital Marketing-Mix

Clever digital marketing will encompass the whole customer “journey” from search to purchase. In the UK, we do not make the most of point of sale digital signage – mainly due to cost or a perception that it will be very difficult to install, update, store or use. Our partners at First View (based in[…]

management coaching

Supportive Coaching for new Managers

Don’t assume they will be “naturals”… When people are promoted from within organisations, it is very often because they have been outstanding in their previous role. Having proved that they are reliable, conscientious, enthusiastic, determined, personable and great at their job, there is often an assumption that they will make a great manager of people.[…]

Assertive Communications Workshop

Being assertive is not being Bossy And neither is it raising your voice. Assertiveness is about honesty and clarity. Asserting your views, your standards, your expectations with confidence in  a way that leaves no room for doubt as to where you are coming from. Assertiveness is an attribute that can be learned. Assertive people have[…]