Does Management Training work?

Blimey! What a question! Especially coming from a management trainer! When I first became a Manager-of-People, promoted before my time and distinctly moist behind the ears, I depended on my own view of what a good manager looked and sounded like. The company I was with gave me a “free-hand” in my own “development” –[…]

What do we mean by “Word of mouth”?

We all say that this is the best form of advertising? Some even say that it’s FREE advertising…although I challenge that view…it certainly is the most cost effective advertising! My question to you is how do you get more and more of your client base to pass on your details on the back of a[…]


Unhappy with your lot?

January is famous for being one of those months where we look to review and refine our approach to our personal and professional life. The inspection usually leads us to contract with ourselves to do things differently, better, more frequently or to stop doing certain other things altogether. We begin with vim and vigour and[…]