10 Quick ways (among countless others!) to boost sales!

Not an exhaustive list…

man drawing schedule of business growth

I don’t claim to be a world authority on all sectors of business.

However, I do claim to know about how to focus people on short-term goals and how to remind people of things they have done before that have worked to produce a quick upturn in sales (regardless of sector!)

1) Speak to your team daily about today’s key focus

2) Ensure that they understand and can “do” what you are asking them to do

3) Find reasons to provide early recognition of success

4) Create a buzz with a visible “scoreboard” in staff-only areas

5) Recognise “most improved” performance as well as Top Performance

6) Get the team to share “how I did it” stories (team meeting, email forum etc.)

7) Reward cross-sell successes with plenty of internal public recognition

8) Regularly explain what improved performance means to them and the business

9) Small, inexpensive prizes, or an early finish on a Friday can adopt huge value!!

10) Make work fun. Celebrate success. Be enthusiastic. SMILE more regularly!

As I said, this is not an exhaustive list.

Think about how you would like your people and your business to be?

How much fun you COULD have if everyone were pulling in the same direction with the same goals and focus…I am sure you could write an alternative list, bespoke to your team??

On the other hand, if you’d like to talk with me about what I can do to boost your business, regardless of sector…call me or drop me a line to arrange?

M: 07711 047619 E: nick@sailawaycoaching.com

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